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 Rules and regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and regulations   Rules and regulations EmptyMon Jan 18, 2010 2:32 am


Welcome to Nortex Sim Racing and thank you for taking a few minutes to read these lines.

Driver Application / Registration

- Each new driver must register on the forum first.

- This is a league of adults for adults and not a kindergarden.

Drivers must be on race server 15 minutes before qualifying.
Nicknames are not accepted. Please use real name or you will be asked to leave the server.

Steering Wheel, a working microphone and Teamspeak are mandatory in order to race. Controllers or Joysticks are NOT allowed.

TeamSpeak address is: tor01.bargainvoice.com:7125     no password

Racing Fees

There is no fees but donations are greatly appreciated to keep this league going.

How are the donations used?

· Server Fees
· Teamspeak
· Web page hosting
· Forum

All drivers are allowed to have their own car skins

Racing Rules and Procedures

It is the responsibility of all drivers to read and understand these basic rules.


What is Nortex Racing but a bunch of guys getting together to discuss their daily lives, struggles and joys and having SimRacing as another catalyst to get them closer. Most of us here can call each other "friend" in the real sense of the term. There is no absolute value to this word but it is worth a fortune! Starting on this premise, this will allow you and the whole league to enjoy many hours of pleasure amongst other drivers that you will eventually find out have more in common with you then just Sim Racing. In a world today filled with problems, wars, sickness, etc., you can find here an oasis of understanding and fun. This is what Nortex Racing stands for in a few words. There are many racing leagues out there, but this one has a special cachet. What makes Nortex Racing a premiere league is obviously not driver talent only. Racing can be found anywhere. On the other hand, friendship can sometimes be hard to come by in today's society.

Driving Etiquette

Nortex racing encourages and promotes “clean” driving amongst all our drivers to ensure a good time for everyone – after all, it IS JUST A GAME! We don’t want to enforce a list of rules. We’re all here to have fun! The motto is: “there is nothing to win or lose but friendship”. No driver, whether on the lead lap or not, should have to fear another driver. However, there will always be individuals that don’t share our philosophy. If you feel the need to drive unprofessionally, retaliate, wreck another driver, teach someone a lesson, or quite simply, bring unneeded DRAMA to our league, do yourself and all of us here at Nortex Racing a big favor and go somewhere else! We don’t want to remove anyone from our league, but we will do so if necessary.

Be courteous – “race unto others as you would have them race unto you”.
Be patient – the race is not won by passing everyone on the first lap!
Always take the higher road - Occasionally, a situation unfolds where one driver must lift the throttle in order to avoid a wreck – Be the better driver and lift.
Don’t FORCE your way around another car that is patiently trying to pass a slower car – allow them a lap or two to make a clean pass.
As a courtesy to your fellow drivers, be prepared for the race well before start time.
Aggressive driving such as dive-bombing corners, then drifting up, not holding your line, blocking, etc is not allowed and will result in useless incidents. Hold your line and save the racing for the end of the race.
As courtesy to all, a driver self-spinning twice (because of technical difficulties or other reasons) should park his car for the evening.


If a car gets a bumper inside your line, they have officially passed you. Please do not crowd them.
If you are a leader, it is YOUR responsibility to get around slower cars.
If your car is off the pace, your job is to HOLD YOUR LINE as the faster cars pass. Choose the high groove or the low groove and STAY IN IT as you are passed.
The in-game spotter’s instructions are usually behind real time. Rely on your MIRROR to determine whether you are clear of the driver you are passing.
If a driver is on the inside and has overtaken you in the corner: give him room, follow him, be faster than him, and overtake him in a clean move. Then you are brave… otherwise you made a dirty maneuver and he’s probably (and unfairly) out of the race.
Remember that not every driver has the same braking points. It is therefore the responsibility of the driver following not to run into the car ahead.

Blue Flags

Blue flag means: MOVE OVER! Do it safely in the first opportunity you have. Also, respect the lapped cars and give them room waiting for the best place to overtake.


Blocking is not allowed except during the last 10 laps. Drivers blocking in an unsafe manner will be reminded of that after the race by an admin. When someone is trying to overtake you in a straight, you are allowed to change lines only once. More changes are illegal blocking.

Lapped Cars

It’s okay to defend your position in a clean manner if you are still on the lead lap (you must however, HOLD YOUR LINE). Once the leader has passed, you are REQUIRED to let the other leaders pass.
Unless you are obviously faster, do not try to pass cars that are several laps in front of you – your position will not change (unless you both wreck) If there are less than 10 laps remaining, lap cars are required to pass through pit road as the “one lap to go” command is given by the starter.


Always use your mirrors, this is not a rally, you are not alone.


When the caution comes out, the driver responsible for causing the caution should claim responsibility. When involved in an incident, do NOT pass cars to catch the car highlighted in yellow. Hold the position you acquired once regaining pace speed. If you are the cause of a caution, take a pit road speeding penalty in order to be placed at the tail end of the longest line (EOLL). If no driver accepts responsibility for the caution and fault is determined in the post-race review, the driver at fault shall be placed at the end of their finishing lap. A driver that causes 2 cautions will have to park his car for the rest of the race.

Running into another vehicle under caution is considered an infraction.

If a caution comes out on lap 1, the race will be restarted and whoever caused the caution will be put at the back on the restart. This will also count as one caution in the race.

When the caution comes out, no racing to the start finish, slow down; maintain your position relative to the car ahead and behind. Leader will call on teamspeak when he takes the caution (crosses the start/finish to take it). Leader can call on teamspeak when he is picking up the pace car and where he is picking it up. All drivers will cautiously slow to pace speed bearing in mind the last call with the pace cars location (Do not come flying up to that location) All drivers will stagger under pace laps and maintain 1 to 2 car lengths. This means that if the car ahead of you is pacing on the high side, you will pace on the low side and vice-versa. All drivers will hold their pace line once they have established their pace location (e.g. high or low side). Do not change lanes under pace laps unless you plan on pitting and are approaching pit entrance. All drivers will listen for any lucky dog calls. If there is a lucky dog, a race admin will announce it and you will see it it on top of your screen. All cars must go low to allow the lucky dog to pass high. Resume then your normal pace position. Coming to turn 3 on the restart lap, all cars should line up, however you should position yourself so you can see what is happening 4-10 cars ahead of you to see any checkups and be prepared for them. You can't win on the first lap or the first lap on a restart. If the field checks up, be prepared for it and slow accordingly. No matter how bad the checkup is, you should be able to see it coming and be prepared to avoid it. Don't be afraid to swerve to avoid it, just get back in line when you can.

When the caution comes out and you are on the pit lane, you may pass the pace car when re-entering the track if you beat the leader to the start/finish line without speeding through the pits.

Your yellow light (upper left) should be flashing when you are allowed to pass the pace car in this situation. If your yellow light is not flashing, the sim has determined that you did not beat the leader to Start/Finish and you may not pass the pace car or the leader.

ASRX only uses the S/F timing line no matter where the car is pitting. It doesn't have a scoring line at the end of pit lane that extends onto the track. So, all cars on the pit lane must beat the leader to the S/F after the caution comes out without speeding through the pits or having caused the caution. This makes it easier in ASRX for cars pitting ahead of the S/F line to avoid going a lap down than in real-life NASCAR.


Faking a pit stop, then turning back onto the track at the last second is not allowed. You may stay on the track, then pit at the last moment as long as you do it before the commitment cone, however acting like you are pitting by following the normal pit entrance or following a group of cars who are pitting, then turning back onto the track is not allowed. Enter pit road single file and all the way to the right.
Remain single file until you are no more than 4 pit stalls for yours. At that point you may turn left to pit. No driving through other cars. Do not drive through your stall into the stall ahead. Brake early and practice your pitting during the warm-up or practice period so you know how your brakes will react. Pit road incidents are not racing incidents. When exiting your pit stall, be sure of two things: 1) that you have enough clearance ahead to exit (if not back up, then exit) and 2) ensure it is clear to exit. Look behind you before exiting. If you see a car approaching or a car immediately behind you exiting be sure you are able to exit without hitting them.


On starts or restarts there is no passing before the start finish line. Offenders will be given a drive through penalty. Pace lap speed = pit road speed + 10 m.p.h. Drivers must maintain this speed at all times during pace laps until the green flag is dropped. Do not LAY BACK on restarts. This is actually a form of cheating. You must be within 0.3 seconds of the car directly in front of you BEFORE the green flag is dropped.
Brake checking (i.e., speeding up and then braking to slow the field behind you) is also a form of cheating.
Once the green flag drops, passing is ONLY allowed on the RIGHT until after you have crossed the Start/Finish line. Tires are usually slick on re-starts and traction is reduced. Many wrecks occur in Turn 1 as drivers fight for position. Wait until after you have cleared Turn 2 to attempt a pass for position.


Practice and qualifying sessions are also part of the race, respect others here too and don’t hold them up in their hot laps. Also coming to race 5 min. before the start of a race without any practice is a lack of respect towards your fellow drivers no matter how good you are or think you are. Some drivers have practiced for hours and it is only common courtesy to them.

Black Flags

Black flags are always the result of driver error and cannot be disputed. If you receive a black flag, drive through or Stop & Go, accept it. Please do not distract your fellow drivers by complaining. Consider reviewing the replay after the race and discussing the incident with one of the admins.


If you are disconnected, or if you “warp” and this results in a black flag or wreck, there is nothing anyone can do about it. It is unfortunate when it happens, but it is part of Sim-Racing and affects us all. If your car is blinking, warping, etc., or if you are having technical issues, please be courteous and pull your car into the pits. Drivers are encouraged to announce via TeamSpeak if they see a warping car. Admins will investigate, and if confirmed, that driver will be asked to retire the car from the race and correct the warping issue.

Causing a caution and Self Spins

All incidents must be called out by the driver as they happen. After causing a caution you MUST pit.
The two cautions and you're out rule is in effect at all times.

Flaming, Profanity and TeamSpeak

“Flaming,” i.e., bad mouthing other drivers on TeamSpeak is not permitted. If you have a problem with one of the drivers, settle it off the track with a race admin. NO ANALYSIS about an on-track incident is permitted on TeamSpeak’s main channel during the race – not even backhanded sarcastic comments such as “thank you. Apologies to other drivers are ALWAYS encouraged. Also children might be listening and watching on
someone else's computer. Keep your language professional – profanity and vulgarity are not permitted.
Minimize communication in the TeamSpeak main channel during the race. Please reserve communication for directing traffic, announcing pit intentions and exits, etc. during competition. Announce your intent to pit on the backstretch BEFORE you decelerate; notify the field as you exit pit road before merging with your quick chat message.

Driver Conflicts and aggressive driving:

Conflicts with other drivers on the track will not be tolerated. Multiple accidents between the same drivers will be viewed as aggressive actions detrimental to Nortex Racing. Aggressive driving will not be tolerated. This includes running into slower cars on the track. No driver, whether on the lead lap or not, should have to fear another driver. Intentional wrecking results in automatic DQ and a possible suspension. Replays are watched by admins and aggressive driving, bonehead moves, impatience, etc... will see points removed and might get you parked for a while.


Only two provisionals available per series.


All drivers are encouraged to read and use the forum. Any updates, date changes etc. are posted in their respective sections.

Technical issues.

If you are having problems with your game, steering wheel, TeamSpeak or any related issue, leave a post on the forum and/or if you can, get on TeamSpeak. There are always good Samaritans willing to help you to race.
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Rules and regulations
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